Levi O'connor Wins (Again!)

Levi O'connor is in a rich vein of form to say the least! After winning the latest South Island comp last weekend we got a few words with the man himself, and also a couple of rad gopro pics.

 So Levi, how many comps have you won this year? And have you left any for anyone else?

Haha Ive had a really good run winning 3 out of the last 4 comps I've been in, its an epic feeling coming out on top with tough competition and with the level of surfing these days i get so amped.

 What do you do for a day job (when your not winning all these comps?

I have a Kayaking business here in Kaikoura, so i'm out on the ocean every day watching seals and all of the other amazing marine life Kaikoura has to offer. Check us out or come say hi www.sealkayakkaikoura.com


 Any new spots around your way you wanna tell us about?!

Haha after the 7.8 earthquake there has been a few new spots as parts of our coastline has come up around 3.5 meters but this has also made our main brakes better as we are able to surf pretty much all tides as before hand high tide would brake on the rocks.


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