Good Turns, One Tube And a Runaway Surfboard

To finish off a campaign shoot a while back (this coming Spring 2018 range to be exact) we headed to Omanu for a few beachie type shots and of course some surf shots (the waves happened to be kind of pumping!).

Copious teamrider Lee Ririnui had the beach shots sorted then Team Manager/Design/Sales guy Cale T & NZ National Skate Champ Shaun Boucher joined him for the surf shoot with photog guru Craig CPL Levers. 

Here is a couple of shots from the day, and like the caption says, Good Turns, One Tube and a Runaway Surfboard!

Lee Carving

 Lee carving!

Shaun off the skateboard and dropping this Larry!

Cale and his only decent wave of the session:(

Lee's board rodeo flipping without Lee.

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